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Just Block Off If They Annoy Too Much

If you are here that means you’re looking for how to block someone on Whatsapp because you are being annoyed buy some crazy dude! Well today we will show you how to get rid of him forever, till he uses another number at least! It’s super easy process that takes couple of minutes, here we go.

How to Block a Contact on Whatsapp? (For Android Users)

1- Open Whatsapp and press on “Options” on your device (Most of the time it’s on the left side next to the “Home”) then click on “Settings”
2- After doing that a window will open and press on “Account “then “Privacy”
3- Now you’ll see “Blocked Contacts None” (If you haven’t blocked anyone before) Click on it and you will see a small icon with plus + next to it
4- Click on that icon and it will take you to your contacts, click on the person you want to block and this way you successfully blocked him forever!
5- Bonus way! If you want to block an unknown number, open the conversation and choose “Block” next to the “Add” button.

How to Block Someone on Whatsapp? (For iPhone Users)

As Whatsapp is also available for iOS users, the blocking process is almost the same but on iPhone there are two ways to block someone.

#1 Method: It’s the fast & easy way to block someone, when you get a message from annoying stranger or someone you don’t want to talk to just open the message and you’ll see a “Block” button on the left side of the conversation, click on it and you are done!
#2 Method: Open Whatsapp application and click on “Settings” from the bottom bar of application
Click on “Privacy” and you will see an option “Blocked”
Tap on it and the choose “Add New” It will take you to the address book to choose the specific contact you want to block

How to Block Someone on Whatsapp? (For BlackBerry Users)

We all know that Whatsapp is on BlackBerry too and to block someone you will follow the same steps but with different clicks:

1- Run Whatsapp application and go to “Settings” → “Privacy Settings” → “Blocked Contacts”

2- Click on the BlackBerry Logo button and choose “Block New Contact” go to your contacts list and choose the one you want to block

If you want to block unknown number, select the conversation and press on the BlackBerry Logo button and click on “Block”

The blocking process is easy and almost the same on every device whether it is iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

How Do You Unblock Specific Contact on Whatsapp?

If you had an argument with a friend or broke up with your girlfriend then blocked them and then decided to forgive and unblock them then you are at the right place! It is best to go straight to literaturaenpapelhigienico to use the spy. We will show you how to UNBLOCK someone on Whatsapp:

For Android Users:

Follow the same blocking steps above till you reach the “Blocked Contacts” and just long press on the contact you want to unblock and tap on “Unblock”

For iPhone Users:

To unblock someone on iPhone, follow the previous steps till the “Blocked” list, slide your finger to the left side on the person you wish to unblock and choose “Unblock”

For BlackBerry Users:

One more time, go back and follow the steps mentioned above and go to the “Blocked Contacts” and click on the contact you want to unblock, click on the BlackBerry Logo and tap on “Unblock”.

How Do You Know If You Have Been Blocked on Whatsapp?

When someone blocks you on Whatsapp for whatever the reason is and you just wonder why you are no longer able to contact with him, today we will tell you how to know if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp:

1- You will not be able to see his “Last Seen” time nor if he is online now or not.

2- You will not see his Profile Picture update! The picture will remain the same till he unblocks you.

3- When you try to send a message to that person and only one check mark appears ✓ which means it has been sent and never showing another check mark ✓✓ this means it didn’t deliver and you are probably blocked.
Now at the end we have taught you how to block and unblock someone on Whatsapp to get rid of all the annoying strangers and people you don’t want to talk to and also how to know if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp. Keep checking our articles for more help on everything related to Whatsapp.

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