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Building up Bad Habits Can End Up Singing Career

Unless, you have built up bad habits from vocal instruction that tries to, “build the diaphragm,” or you feel out of breath easily when singing or you feel as if you build up pressure as you sing, then you do not need to do breathing exercises. The act of singing itself is enough to build the breathing apparatus in terms of singing. You do not need a hugely muscular diaphragm to sing. You do not need to master your breath before you sing. You do not need to be able to hold your breath for a large amount of time. The teachers who put forth the notion that the voice is solely based on breath control and that it should be worked on above all else are fools.

Furthermore, breathing should be natural. You should not be pushing large amounts of air or muscling out air as if you are bellowing or trying to yell. Even a very powerful high-pitched voice can be achieved with a very relaxed breath. At the most, for high pressure singing, you should feel a slight flex in the diaphragm as it compresses inward. Other than that, for more air you should only need to gently be expanding your lower ribs with the sensation of breathing in as you sing out. But, both of these are still very relaxed and natural. You should not feel any pressure build up anywhere.

Once again, unless you have a bad habit you need to detrain or run out of breath very quickly you do not need to concentrate on breathing exercises. The act of singing will develop it naturally as long as you follow the simple tips on breathing found in the Vocal Release at Home Singing Instruction kit. Though if you have problems the Vocal Release Course does have breathing exercises to detrain any bad breath support habits.
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